11 Mar 2020, 06:39

timeline so far of AB bounce issue
  1. I set up email long ago, assuming we would never get bounces per the emails we (don’t) send
  2. Yesterday we got notification of a bounce
  3. I could not see what email triggered the bounce
  4. You guys looked up the offending email
  5. I discovered that a user had signed up with that email. I hardcoded the address to not have emails sent to it.
  6. I tried to set up an alert to email with headers if any bounces or complaints happen
  7. I triggered an email to bounce (6 hours ago as I write this)
  8. I have not received an email regarding the bounce (6 hours later)

Receiving emails for bounces is just to make sure I have bounce detection set up correctly. I eventually want to process bounces automatically.

18 hours later, from AWS support
I checked the SNS topic you have and the SNS endpoint and I see
they are configured correctly to receive a bounces via email for
emails sent by "sestest@rn.com " that results as bounces. So I
started to SES logs for any bounces generated for emails sent by
this email address "sestest@rn.com " and I couldn't see any
bounces from this email which explains the reason you didn't
receive any bounces on SNS endpoint "webmaster@AB".

OOOhhhhhhh that makes sense.

09:13 Saturday 15 March 2020 JST

Now it’s all sorted out.