04 Mar 2020, 17:36

State of My Life Address
  1. I noticed the sound of today’s date (March Fourth) is a command (March Forth)
  2. I’m still in the middle of updating AB’s backend site according to MLAPHP. It has helped enormously with my confidence in making updates to the site. Like OMG the book has paid for itself countless times.
  3. Recently I got phan/phan installed on a local virtual machine and have been doing static code analysis as well. It found hundreds(?) of critical errors, all of which I have fixed, some of which were long-lasting bugs that simply hadn’t been triggered.
  4. I’ve kinda stalled in moving Bold Life Brotherhood Tokyo forward. Sometimes I am just not sure what to do. Well I mean I know I need to post stuff and such, but I don’t know what to post that seems meaningful.
  5. One thing to do would be stop playing Best Fiends. It’s a dang good game in terms of gameplay and dopamine hits, and wow what a time sink. I am up to level 165.
  6. I am on track for 36 workshops in 2020. I have done 6 so far in 2 months. Two more are scheduled in March (walking meditation in Shinjujku Park and Your Art Matters); I need to schedule something for the end of March.
  7. I just wrote to Giselle and Yuna to see if they wanna do another workshop together.
  8. Weird I just spoke Japanese with a western-looking woman working at the convenience store. She didn’t switch to English so I didn’t either. Not sure if it’s just me, but if we had switched to English, it would have felt like a wall had been lowered. I don’t think it is just because my Japanese ain’t all that great.
  9. Recently Lin has been wanting to buy a 2015 Forester. I prefer to save money and pay cash for it but she wants to get it sooner and use credit.
  10. I spoke with Clio from AirBnB who gave me some great ideas for getting my AirBnB Experience started, including lowering the price at first, adding more pictures, and adding more dates. I started thinking about it though, and it’s like I don’t really want to do this; nevermind. I am tempted to just delete the whole thing.
  11. Dang my computer just dropped from like 40% battery to 0%. I was not watching carefully but it just went to sleep and woke up with 0% after I plugged it in.
  12. That reminds me, I am in the market for a new computer. I am thinking of getting a desktop to be my primary machine and clear this one of non-critical stuff.
  13. All schools have closed in Japan for what I am calling Virus Month. I hope it does not last for a month more but apparently there may be an announcement made by Prime Minister Abe next week that everything is gonna be shut down.
  14. Our cat Jennie is apparently 8 years old. Lin has relaxed a bit about her being outside after dark.
  15. I am continuing this on 11 March 2020
  16. I do not have any plans to travel this year. Now that the coronavirus has been nearly described as a pandemic, with Italy locked down and masks unavailable everywhere, I am kinda glad I have no plans to get messed up, but for real I think this pandemic is being overhyped. It’s just a flu bug and has far fewer deaths than tuberculosis (but more deaths than terrorism, so that’s something). It has been challenging for me to keep from blabbing to all my students how it’s a coverup of some variety but I just don’t know what yet.
  17. I mean, take a look at this beautiful Information is Beautiful page on COVID-19. It ain’t shit compared to lots of deadlier things. Just like “terror” was hyped on the media we are seeing the same thing in media this time. Why?
  18. We had a great walking meditation on March 7th, and I was telling my students about it today. Chinatsu looked up full bloom this year and it’s apparently scheduled for March 22nd. So I will schedule another walking meditation on 21 March. That can be my third workshop in March!
  19. I am up to level 188 in Best Fiends. Man eff this neverending addictive game.
  20. I am up to page 70 or so in my Japanese study via KUMON. Oh, I forgot to mention that I signed up for KUMON in 渋沢 because Sanae who we met in 直島 teaches there and is able to teach Japanese. Fair enough; sounds fun!
  21. AB is going pretty well; I have gotten rid of all the SEVERITY_CRITICAL errors in the backend thanks to phan/phan. Just today I installed phan/phan on the frontend as well because I had to do a fix to the site and might as well get started with static analysis. Last night is the night I was late for MKP men’s circle (which is fine because “we have all the king we need”) because we got a bounce from an email we sent. Turns out some yahoo used a fake email address and it bounced. I hardcoded a fix to keep that address from being used and today I firmed it up by creating a table and a class to read it. Anyway that was all on the frontend.
  22. I have also been using Codeception to run acceptance tests on the website itself. I have 178 tests with 869 assertions on the backend. On the frontend are 13 tests with 42 assertions. This is all thanks to Paul Jones MLAPHP book. It has helped me so much get this code sorted out. I definitely feel more confident making changes and updates.
  23. OMG but that reminds me, just before starting 6 hours of work at JB today, I pushed a code change without doing the associated DB change because all the DB updates are done manually. Thank goodness I tested and noticed before anyone else. Gotta deploy DB updates automagically eventually.
  24. Jennie has not used the bridge I made for her from the balcony to Lin’s window. I wonder if she ever will.
  25. Yesterday while working on Marble Track 3, I installed two “maglevs” which are steel rods from our old “Shoot The Moon” game which I got from Dad a couple years ago. The rods are perfect for sliding magnets along which allows smooth lifting of characters over the set to let them fly various places. It’s great having the maglevs firmly placed and able to rotate like arms on turntables. Super happy with this improvement in the MT3 set.
  26. Noborito next and just ran out of things to write. Nice timing.
  27. Oh, during the walking meditation I noted how often I am mindful during normal life. Not having to sit down to meditate, but trying to be mindful as often as possible has helped a lot.