28 Feb 2020, 11:41


(written 11:41 Friday 28 February 2020 JST)

I am just making a little note here to say I am still personally not worried about the coronavirus. Reactions to the outbreak are beginning to affect me:

We don’t have kids, so Lin and I are not directly affected by all public schools closing in Japan. [1][2]

SCC will close for 2 weeks in March. (They take holidays sometimes so this is not unprecedented, but) I usually teach there once a week, so it affects my income a bit.

Tariq and I were going to meet in Tokyo, but we are going to meet online instead.

According to one of my students who works at Costco, they sell out of masks in ten minutes every day they get masks in stock.

According to lin’s sister, the stores are running out of toilet paper because the virus apparently causes diarrhea.

The World Health Organization has a banner on their top page for it.[3]