22 Feb 2020, 00:14

Great time speaking in Shinagawa tonight

Thanks to invitation via Joanna, I was one of about 8 speakers at “Beauty Boosting and Empowerment“ tonight in Shinagawa.

The organizers want to do something different than “just another networking event.” To this end, the speeches were on an array of topics, and at the very end, we all chose a date to meet for dinner. I praised Riza for the idea and courage to get us all together again. I have never seen that happen at a different networking event (though tbh I have not been to very many).

Afterward, four of us went to a non smoking restaurant in Shinagawa and chatted until about 11:30pm. We all shared what brought us to Japan and how it has been for us here. Lots of conversation about relationships and encouraging the youngest of us to travel before focusing on relationships.

I scheduled a coaching call with Freya who coaches people how to open their business. Perfect timing for me. Looks like I will get it done this year!

Neat to hear us both grateful to have met the other; she had some questions about dealing with emotions.