19 Feb 2020, 22:39

TJ Bike flat tire

TJ Bike has a flat tire. He was fine this morning and now the back tire is completely flat. Not just flat, but air gushes out of it when I try to inflate it.

This happened about 2 or 3 months ago, and my cynical side assumes someone is fucking with me. To solve things, I am going to get punctureless tires on TJ Bike. Plus I have already wanted to have punctureless tires for the convenience.

I am sitting at the bus stop now after leaving TJ Bike at the bicycle parking lot. I will address the flat tire with the staff tomorrow (like I have time for that :-/ (I mean I do, but I’d rather be able to focus on speech preparation)) Most of the staff know me as the genki barefoot guy, so I hope to at least be understood / taken seriously.