17 Feb 2020, 17:33

Bought some tracing paper at Sekaido

I bought some A4 tracing paper and a B4 size wooden frame thing. I don’t know what the frame is supposed to be (perhaps a wooden canvas) but I am going to use it to keep the A4 paper aligned as I do another Ink Baste Set.

After working on my First Ink Baste Study I got The Idea that led me to know how to proceed with the next set.

(Hopefully the tracing paper will act the way I want, or this might end up being another study.)

Assuming the tracing paper bleeds through nicely, I will make the dots bleed through all the sheets in a torus-type manner so there is no beginning and no ending per se.

I will attempt to do it without numbering the sheets. Or a simple thing would be to somehow keep track maybe of just one sheet as the anchor and the rest can simply stay in order.

To display the sheets, they should be arranged in a circle with the leaves all facing the next leaf with nearly same dot pattern.

18 February 2020 JST

It didn’t work the way I hoped. The ink does not soak through the paper.