07 Feb 2020, 09:53

emotional energy

I am not sure where emotions come from but best I can tell they have a message for us. after losing something the emotional response is a reminder to take time to grieve the loss, or acknowledge the value of the good times the lost things provided when they were here.

If something intrudes your space, anger is an emotion that comes up to say hey this is my space. stay out. Anger sets limits and keeps a safe perimter around proverbial you

Guilt is an emotion that reminds us to do something differently next time. Empathy for others allows us to

Pride indicates we did something useful for ourselves or others. something difficult perhaps or something beneficial for the greater good.

Emotions are messengers from our subconsious or from the greater conscious to give guidance on how we can most effectively live our lives. Tuning in to the inner guidance can give more and more subtle awareness and more finely tune our actions and thereby make our lies that much more effective and smooth.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give your old self some advice? What would you do right now for some advice from your future self? What about advices from a part of yourself that is timeless and can see a greater perspective than you have from this vantage point.

Meditation is a key to learning how to distinguish between the inner voice of the chaotic physical world of human rules and get insight timeless guidance guidance based on timeless truth of reality.

Jesus said I am that I am. Timeless being

THe Power of Now book speaks of what I call the Ever Present Present. This moment in this moment is always here and always a gift to be experienced.

There is no limit to consciousness. With consiousness we can access any location/moment in space or time.

In the spiritual realm there are benevolent entities and entities with ego just like you or I. There are also amoral entities which do not have any care for what is “good” or “bad”.. they just do what they do to keep themselves alive.

Just like a bacteria is not a moral being; myriad spiritual non-physical entities are amoral.

Allowing yourself to get in touch with the guidance in your life can help keep things running smoothly, can point you ocan brin gsynchronicities into yyour life which seem like magic

What does all that have to do with emotions? Emotions are one of the ways the spiritual world can give us guidance, insights on how to go forward. You may

Having our emotional bodies clear allows easier perception of the information. Having a blockage ofold emotion we have not processed or otherswise om otherwise come to terms with can prvent the realtime communication from being as clear. The insights are there but clouded by our backlog of emotions. Cluded judgement

So keep your emotions clear by feeling them. THis can be augmented by having a supportive communicty to be present with you while you feel them.

throughout the ages meditation has been recommended by the spiritual masters. Did they know nothing of today’s world? How we have to scramble to scoop up money and Likes and other currencies of our time? What are your likes in the physical world? I bet they included quiet moments alone, fun moments with friends (including in MMORPG),

Give love languages quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch.