07 Feb 2020, 10:29

Done did and to do today

This morning I fixed a few more errors in AB, thanks to phan/phan. Most of them are edge caes or code that is not longer (or never has been) used, partially from not following YNGNI.

I have just freewritten text while on the train to Omotesando, and now on Chiyoda line there.

Headed to EOS meeting to see if I can figure out if I want to quit or continue or what.

Oh but before that I have an online thing with Adam regarding men’s circles. He’s prmoting the idea of leading men’s circles as a way to make money. I have definitely put some time into leading circles so I have enough experience.. I am just not yet well versed on the business side of things.

After EOS I will meet Soness online to prepare for my speech on 21 February. (The free writing was fodder for that.)

This evening I will head to 高田馬場 for a PB meeting with GET. Let’s see how that goes! Long time no see for all of them. And Ayse will be there too.