07 Feb 2020, 14:26

Brass Balls Tender Heart

I really like the presentation Adam did; the presentation spoke to me in many ways. Mainly that masculinity comes in all forms and does not need to attack nor collapse in shame. He addressed the #metoo and related hashtags in a way that resonates with me. I do not apologize on behalf of men; I take responsibility for my own actions and model respectful communication and behavior.

I had to chose to leave 30 minutes into the call so I could attend the EOS group. I could have stayed longer on the call I realize now because 11:30 was just the meeting time, not the meeting time, haha. Anyway, I look forward to watching the replay and take the next steps.

I emailed him at 12:50pm

Hey Adam

Thank you for putting together the presentation, and the entire
program.  The first half hour was quite perfectly in line with
what I'd like to get involved with.

I look forward to watching the rest of your presentation and
taking the next steps.

Lots of fear come up for me around self worth especially when
hearing no when reaching out to men.

The MKP circle in Tokyo has grown steadily for four years.  I am
beginning to mentor men in leading the circle. I look forward to
continuing my growth in this process.


He replied just 7 minutes later.

Great to hear from you!

You already have the experience in leading!

Now you just need the structure to turn that into the revenue you

I'll have the replay up tmw - you will see how many ways you can monetize.
1. Intro Nights.
2. One off nights
3. 1 Day Deep Dives 
4. Weekend Workshops
5. The ongoing circles
6. Convert participants into coaching clients if you wish.

As for "rejection" - we can talk about that. In my experience, the
JOY that men feel doing these circles and the GRATITUDE
obliterates the feelings around someone not wanting to play.
Anyway, I don't believe in the concept of rejection.  That's a
story built around two independent agents in the world.  Been
teaching THAT around dating for years.

I look forward to speaking with you and planting a flag in Japan.
How exciting.



Excellent. I am looking forward to the replay.