17 Jan 2020, 14:50

things done today
  1. this reminds me I have not written an SOML this month
  2. Nice to talk to Fred now
  3. I got sidetracked playing Minecraft while I shoulda been working
  4. I got sidetracked with youtube while I shoulda been talking to Fred
  5. Now about to get sidetracked eating when I should write this list

I copied this from complice.co but none of them seem important:

  1. begin tracking down bug in ConSwi
  2. fill in daily pages
  3. find page from OT
  4. transcribe page inside OT notebook
  5. look at AB tickets
  6. meditate
  7. do one thing online (invite, write, post, host)
  8. eat only after 10am
  9. eat only until 6pm
  10. text a man
  11. write a journal entry
  12. draw at least one line or post something online