13 Jan 2020, 22:22

Went to Japanese Folk House Museum with Ma and Madeleine

Great time walking with Ma and Madeleine through the 日本民家戦 today. Madeleine loves taking pictures; “I have to take pictures of all the flowers” she says. A lot of the staff asked about me being barefoot there. The sky was beautiful blue nice crisp day, so we got nice photos of the trees as well as houses.

2020 jan photo of video of origami 2020 jan photos of houses

We met a guide who spoke Spanish as well as English. He used “y” instead of “and” as he was speaking. Madeleine spoke to him in Spanish a bit. He apparently spent four years in Puerto Rico.

So cool to hear the reasons for the architecture above the fire pit. It allows smoke to pass vertically through, encourages heat to pass horizontally to other rooms, and prevents catastrophic damage by falling into the fire pit in case it catches fire.

Neat to see lots of New Year’s decorations in the houses, including lots of origami rats.

Oh, and they’ve closed a section of path for refurbishing; it was exactly where I took a picture before as I noticed roots visible due to soil erosion.

I am glad they are taking care of the place so thoughtfully.

We also got to do the indigo tie-dye workshop

2020 jan francois with ghost 2020 jan tie dyed

And went to the nearby museum!

2020 jan sitting on hands