08 Jan 2020, 17:01

Great day at minka-en

After Mark challenged my thinking that I “have to” work on my website, I left my computer for greener pastures, specifically, the indigo tie-dye place near 民家園!

The staff were really friendly, and showed me some things they had worked on today. I was surprised to find out they were not staff at all, but customers! C and R showed me their dyed scarf and socks, respectively.

Another neat coincidence, they used marbles to make patterns in the cloth! I had a marble and was thrilled when they wanted to see my marble track video. High fives were exchanged and we went to a nearby museum! tbh, I kinda invited myself, not knowing what would happen.

The museum was great! We saw art that got cooler and cooler with each room, arriving at a room with electrified pieces including a foot tall train engine with a light on top which illuminated houses on stills that made great shadows on the walls!

I had to bounce earlier than C and R, so gave them hugs and hope to see them again sometime.