06 Jan 2020, 14:04

Got Ma and Madeleiene to the train in time

We left 15 minutes later than planned due to ママ attempting to make things easier by calling a taxi. We ended up taking a bus because taxis were too busy.

I am glad we left when we did; we had plenty of time and leisurely walked to the bus, then leisurely to 小田急線 train. Leisurely to the ticket gates in 新宿駅, and then a teeny bit less leisurely to the 中央線 and fortunately just made the train at 11:37am in 新宿。

Plenty of time arrival in Tokyo but then I realized I had very limited experience getting on bullet trains in Tokyo station. I scurried down the escalator and found which way to head toward the bullet trains. Got to the area and asked a guy who pointed us in the right direction for the green signs, not the blue signs. (I do not yet know the difference.)

Got to the green sign area and I snuck in the gate as the station guy helped them figure out which tickets to use. I found platform 22 and hauled my backpack and Madeleiene’s suitcase up the stairs. No time to look for an escalator!

Got to the platform and the train was there. Fortunately, unlike the のぞみ trains we were on toward 広島, this train spent a few minutes at the station. We were 6 minutes ahead of the departure by the time they got on the train.

Oh nice plenty of time. Super appreciate the grace and guidance getting them to their train.

Snuck my way back out of the ticket gates as the guy was busy with other travelers. I judge it was not worth their busy time to help me buy a 150 yen entry ticket. I plan to buy the correct ticket next time.