03 Jan 2020, 20:00

Great day in Hiroshima with Lin, Ma, and Madeleiene

Lin and I are on the shinkansen headed home as Ma and Madeleiene have an extra night in Hiroshima. It seems we didn’t plan things too smartly; they barely have time tomorrow to do anything, but we had a big full day today going to Miyajima and the Peace Memorial Museum.

I hadn’t been to Miyajima before, though janette and I had intended to go when we were here some 15 years ago. Our schedule got delayed so we decided to skip it and travel around the city a bit more. Great fun times!

Anyway, this time, the big red gate thing is under renovation so we enjoyed the deer and chilled in a bengal cat cafe.

I bought a ticket for myself to go into the Peace Museum, but bounced out after the first room. All those feels are more than I wanted to feel so I was like “peace out!”

I joined Lin on a park bench overlooking the river.