02 Jan 2020, 07:40

the point of my art

One of the photographers whose work is here wants to point out that every sea horizon looks the same around the world.

A different artist showed that most of the soldiers forced to cheer about going to war were not actually happy about it.

Another piece showed that we are all connected and all our cultures together make art.

Well, 8 years ago I lost my art mojo because one guy was like, “if you don’t know what your art expresses, you will never be successful.” or some crap like that. Well, I just figured out what my art expresses, and it is in line with the work I do in personal growth through emotional awareness.

Every individual sees things differently

This is a fundamental truth because individual means separate from the whole, and if one is separate, one is distinct, different, and away from the whole. If one is separate, one is elsewhere, and has a different perspective, a different history, a different belief system, a different point of view, a different personal story, a different fear, a different joy, a different sadness, a different way of perceiving things.

Everyone is unique.

From there, it is a tiny leap to realize everyone is precious; every one has their gift or offering to the world around them. Everyone has their own unique connection to the source of life. I here I ought not talk about god and spirit here but that is the point. God is one and each individual is an expression of god in his or her own way.

God dwells in me as me.