02 Jan 2020, 11:19

met Sanae and Elena while leaving Naoshima

We had seen Sanae last night, eating alone at dinner. She came up to me while I was drawing on 30 A4s. We talked and boom turns out she lives at the next express station from Lin and I. Nice! I look forward to hanging out with her more once we get back home.

We had seen Elena as well; she and her peeps are in from Spain. I was able to say encantado to her as I gave her my card. Elena and her peeps are on the same ferry as us as we leave Naoshima.

The picture I plan to put here is not of Naoshima, but an adjacent island.

13:15 Thursday 02 January 2020 JST

Yowza what an exciting phone call I got from Sanae, just hours after meeting her. She found Francois on the ferry; I had apparently left him there!!

Magically delicious synchronicity to have him in safe hands. We will meet in Machida sooner than later where I will buy lunch for Sanae and talk with her about eye gazing and art workshops.