30 Dec 2019, 23:13

late on penultimate night of the decade

We are in Okayama tonight, staying in a hotel near the station.

We went shopping for some art supplies for me, and I bought a pad of 30 A4 pages, which I plan to make a series of pieces that bleed into each other, so like the top page will have some lines with dots that bleed through to the next page which will use those dots as guides for lines which subsequently bleed into the next page.

I am not sure how it will go, but sounds fun!

Right now I am at the stage of too tired to write consistently and yet I keep wanting to finish the entry in my head.

I am likely to install Monica, available from https://monicahq.com because I keep thinking I want a way to recall who I have invited to my workshops this coming year.

Oh, so far, so good with https://complice.co; I have been using it for about a week now, I guess.