28 Dec 2019, 22:45

Ma and Maddy in Japan

(written 22:45 Sunday 29 December 2019 JST)

yay Ma and Madeleine are in Japan! We are headed to Okayama tomorrow.

10:57 Monday 30 December 2019 JST

On train to Okayama now

Maddy is telling us about her work in prisons


change your mindset; change the game.

thorasic surgery via machine or person

exercising in college just getting stronger

women who works in hotels (cleaning). How much exercise do you get? (none). split the groups.

Group A: your work qualifies. lost weight, better health

Group B: your work does not qualify. no change

blood sample story (greentext)

be me “These milkshakes low calorie” drink milkshake. no change next week “These milkshakes high calorie” drink milkshake get fat mfw actually same milkshake

look up Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome