27 Dec 2019, 21:28

today, complice, Mark, plans, Fran and Pat

During work today, I cleaned up my draft which I had transcribed via voice before.

(And I just added a draft at the bottom about my two best friends, Fran and Pat, who I have given genderless names because of reasons.)

After work today, I called Mark and realized I was sad about work. He listened well and asked some good questions. One question ticked me off “where do you like to hang out?” and I was like bah because I don’t hang out anywhere, but I felt into it a bit and came up with some answers.

I soon had the idea of going to the old Japanese house park tomorrow to go talk to the old guys there and find out more about the houses. This will be the footwork so to speak for leading some barefoot workshops there.

Mark even said they have a tie dying thing there sometimes so we can hopefully work that into some kind of program. Awesome!