19 Dec 2019, 13:43

Heading to SCC then BP

Today will be my third lesson out of 12 at BP for their current course on presentation skills. It’s been challenging, with 12 students and a wide range of English ability. Fortunately, they all know each other and are all doing their best. That helps a lot!

But first, two hours of lessons at SCC. These lessons are technically more challenging, but then again easier because I just work with one student at a time, so it’s easy to tailor the material for each student.


Liliko wasn’t available today at SCC, but I talked to one of the guys who has been working on a voice recognition system they’ll be introducing “soon”. We were supposed to have it finished in September or October. Now we will get to see an alpha version in January, apparently.

BP lesson was great and went exactly as planned. I am super glad we had plenty of material; I was afraid I’d have to wing stuff for a long time, but everything worked out fine. We did 3 minutes of eye gazing, and that was enough.