19 Dec 2019, 13:08

finished first version of Robarty Mcartyarter

I finished the first version of Robarty Mcartyarter last night pretty late.

2019 dec 19 robarty mcartyarter

Based on a few values, it produces text designed to be used for an Art page on my MediaWiki site.

2019 dec 19 robarty mcartyarter with data

I used PHP for Robarty Mcartyarter, trying to think about dependency injection along the way, including not relying on the REQUEST variables being “superglobals”. I also used types in function declarations and the PHP 7.4 feature of typed variables in class instances.

I have not done things such as document the code nor get the html, head, style, and body tags out of PHP code, but I have some ideas for how to make it more useful, including displaying a link that will recreate as a GET url the page created after POSTing the data.

That will allow me to document the source for my wiki (though Robarty Mcartyarter does not have version-proof responses) and revisit or tweak the data relatively easily.

Oh, to that end, I might make it refill the form fields with the request data.

Next will be to autofill the date values with current date by default.