18 Dec 2019, 13:58

productive morning sans lesson

I did some programming today to help me post images of my art on my wiki. Basically for each piece I need to create text like this

[[File:Lincoln Number, 2019.jpg|900px|Lincoln Number, 2019]]
[[File:Lincoln Number, back.jpg|thumb|Lincoln Number back]]

An experiment in how many times lines could pass under and over one another, I started this in approximately 2019.


[[Category:24cm x 27cm]]

For a mythical piece named “Lincoln Number” based on the name “Linking Number.

And wiki text for the images themselves, front and back.

Anyway, it’s not difficult; it’s just annoying to remember the syntax and/or cut-paste-replace-replace-replace-cut-paste, then wonder if I got all the right bits done, realize I got the wrong categories etc etc blah blah.

Soon it will just be visit https://arty.robnugen.com/arty enter some deets and submit. Then copy and paste each one once.