12 Dec 2019, 13:19

working today

Hmmm the date is 1212 and nearly a full moon. If not today, then the full moon is tomorrow Friday the 13th!

I got TJ Bike fixed; すみれさん replaced the shift cable for the back gear for 2500 yen. It’s nice that he’s usually not busy and can just fix things like boom.

Now I am headed to SCC for two hours of work and then to BP for two hours of work. Then hang with Akiko for two hours of language exchange.

23:24 Thursday 12 December 2019 JST

SCC was fun; Naoko practiced her presentation on liquid nitrogen for 70 minutes. Then Azusa practiced her presentation on historical products, including practicing saying “tubes” for about 10 minutes. She kept saying “tuブス”

BP was fun. This was the second lesson in their 12 lesson series. I was a bit rushed to present all the material in two hours. I buzzed through it in favor of having the practice their presentations.

Language exchange with Akiko was fun. She carefully looked at several of the drawings I made some years ago but never named. She came up with excellent names for four of them! I am curious as to how I might be able to find dates for them. It would be easiest to do an image search, but I don’t know what software can do that on my local machine.

23:48 Thursday 12 December 2019 JST

Okay, well, I just searched for .jpg images and went from 2013 to 2007. I found sibling art from early 2008, so I will use that date for the pieces.

I found lottttts of pictures that I wanted to put in my journal one day. I guess that day has not come yet, but maybe maybe soon??