01 Dec 2019, 20:08

Great day today

Today I woke up late, possibly because my covers were too warm.

I arrived late to SOGO, but apparently they started late so I only missed the beginning of the warmup.

During the core workout, I met Ting, from China, who helped me remember how to count in Mandarin.

During the pair workout, Valeriya taught me the first five numbers in Russian (here is what I remember)

  • ar *
  • triter
  • proky
  • ted

hmm that’s pretty bad. Internet says:

  • a’deen
  • dva
  • tri
  • chetyre
  • pyat’

source https://waytorussia.net/WhatIsRussia/Russian/Part1a.html

Anyway, good workout and good lunch at the Mexican place with Dominique and everyone. I sat next to Dmitri; we mostly talked to the peeps across from us, one of whom grew up in California after her Japanese family lived there during WWII. She is in the process of getting a long term stay visa, by virtue of her heritage.

Got home then took TJ Bike to the shop; his back tire was completely flat this morning! The guy at the shop gave me a new tube because I had just bought a new tube and tire from him a couple weeks ago.

Then I updated two of the pages for my recent art: