28 Nov 2019, 09:08

Found my old art

(written 09:08 Thursday 28 November 2019 JST)

I found my old art in a box in my closet. I knew it was there, but I had forgotten what size some of the pieces where. (many of them had become larger in my memory and were so small when I pulled them out of the box!)

Well, what is “old” exactly?

I found some pieces that are labeled with http://robnugen.com/art:

Inner Space Set, with 6 pieces. They are all 12cm by 13.6cm. (4.7 x 5.3 inches)

I am sure I have scanned them before, but if I cannot find the pictures quickly at https://art.robnugen.com/art, I will scan them again now.

Ah yes, Inner Space Set of Six - 11 March 2009 and they have a shortlink on art.robnugen.com https://art.robnugen.com/iss09

This is the first set I have pulled out of a box in my closet; I do not know what other URLs I will find that do not match the current convention of art.robnugen.com/art (where the second art is specific to the piece(s)). Therefore I am not yet ready to write their latest URL on the back. (10+ years after they were finished) At this point, I think I will write it only if their future new owner wants it written.

And I just realized a good way to validate editors on the wiki. If they send me a photo of the date and the image and their preferred username, I can create the username for them. I am thinking I should require minimum length passwords… I just want to make sure minimum garbage ends up on the wiki.

13:29 Thursday 28 November 2019 JST

I scanned the backs of Inner Space Set, and created a permalink for a piece I called Old School.

Mohammed asked me for an explantion of Inner Space Set, and I created the story about electron microscope at the top of the page.