27 Nov 2019, 13:51

yay Mika and InGallery.info

Yay wow wow yay omg nice!

I went to Mika’s to help with her website, and some internet stuff. Also to see their art gallery space InGallery.info. I am excited about the idea of hanging some of my art there! I will bring some pieces on Saturday for the eye gazing workshop.

As I write this, I am headed to Kawasaki station for lessons at JB. I have some time, so I will stop by the art supply area in Atre and buy some supplies so I can draw a couple pieces before the ~show~ event.

Mika had seen some of my pieces before, but when she saw the thumbnails at http://art.robnugen.com/art she was like oh wow there’s a lot! and wanted to see some of them up close again.