27 Nov 2019, 06:59


(written 06:59 Wednesday 27 November 2019 JST)

  • Sunday I went to SOGO and found it had been cancelled due to rain! The rain had stopped, and at least four others attended long enough to take a photo. I headed home and they went for a walk in the autumn leaves.

2019 nov 24 SOGO lisa rob sakura   sakura

  • Sunday after no-SOGO, Lin and I went to a car dealership to look at a car she has been ~coveting~ wanting for a while. It’s a teeny bit shorter than her current vehicle, which I have said is too long/big for me to happily drive it in Tokyo, especially backwards when parking at home.

  • On Monday, three potential co-facilitators attended my introduction to ShadowWork®. https://shadowwork.com/ So far, two have expressed interest in practicing further. Yay!

  • Monday night I heard from Kevin that his website had gone down after he switched to DreamPress. Uh oh. The DreamHost guys were able to sort it out pretty quickly. An .htaccess file hadn’t gotten copied over, and I was using a non-standard directory name for the admin directory. Super grateful to Kevin for switching to DreamPress (so I have the DH support to ask if there are problems), and super grateful to DH support for their support with problems!

  • On Tuesday, I spent 4.5 hours working on Marble Track 3. I will probably start spending more time on it; I love the project so much!

  • Tuesday evening at men’s group, Mark facilitated me as I dug down into sadness I felt as a boy for having felt ridiculed for smiling. I had a great smile when talking about Marble Track 3, so I am carrying a marble with me this week as a reminder.

  • Today after Shukoh, I will head to Mikako’s to look at her website and finalize details for my 3rd Eye Gazing Workshop to be held this Saturday. Eye Gazing workshop on Meetup, Facebook