21 Nov 2019, 14:11

lunched with Anuj and saw a big hornet

Nice lunch with Anuj at a Chinese restaurant near the back side of Kawsaki station. We talked about technology, what we do for work, what I am beginning to do for work (facilitation), SOGO, and possibly hanging out in December.

On the way back, we noticed this hornet(?) on the ground. He did not look particularly safe to me, so I put him on a tree. I really am not sure if the hornet would prefer to be in the grass (protected from wind) or what. Sad to imagine he will die soon, but at least now not as likley to be squished to death by a shoe.

No pics now until I get wifi.

2019 nov 21 hornet on paper

2019 nov 21 hornet on tree 1 2019 nov 21 hornet on tree 2