21 Nov 2019, 10:25

Giving Alex progeny more sunlight

Alex is the name I gave a plant that was given to me by Kana, before she moved away from where Soness used to live in Chigasaki. I believe I was still living there at the time, but dating Lin and gave the plant to Lin soon after I got it.

Anyway it grew into a big strong plant, for some values of big and strong. I rooted 4 baby Alex plants and they are growing in their own containers. Good thing, because the original Alex froze maybe two years ago now in a winter that was beyond his pay grade.

We now have three decent sized versions and an itty bitty little one that I had planted out front, but today I realized it was no getting enough sunlight to be really planty.

Today I used the square 酒 cup from Christine and Erik’s wedding as a planter for this littlest of Alex’s progeny. It’s hanging from a hanger I made from earphone wires. And this time, it is hanging inside, in the sunroom behind Mama’s room.

For some reason, I did not take pics of the creation process, but it was pretty simple. There are two drain holes in the bottom of the 酒 cup. Five(?) large-ish white gravel stones line the bottom, and then a layer of small-ish black rocks are on those. Then I scooped some dirt from our front bushes and put the Littlest Alex on that.

2019 nov 21 alexii mini 0 2019 nov 21 alexii mini 1 2019 nov 21 alexii mini 2

Here he is from July 2019:

2019 july 31 alex green three

Here are his brothers now:

2019 nov 21 alexii middle brother 2019 nov 21 alexii older brother 2019 nov 21 alexii triplets

Here’s how they were in July:

2019 july 31 alex red eight 2019 july 31 alex black twelve 2019 july 31 alexi red twins

All of them in July:

2019 july 31 alexi vertical 2019 july 31 alexi horizontal