20 Nov 2019, 07:53

Wednesdays are long days

I love having our laser printer. I was able to print 80 pages (doublesided, don’t worry) for ShadowWork carpet training which I will be able to lead starting early next year. I am practicing now. Greatly looking forward to bringing this training to Japan.

Chatted with Jimmy for a bit before I took a nap on the train from 登戸 to 川崎

Now I am at Shukoh for lesson which officially started 8 minutes ago now (at 7:50), but no one else has arrived yet.

Starting with Ayano at 8am, Sayuri, Yuta, and Ai attended today.


I am at DiCE, an internet cafe near Cinecitta. I finished my stretch from last night, and have invited several people to my eye gazing workshop on Nov 30th.