14 Nov 2019, 14:11

today: mens group, urbit, scc, gg


Men’s group this morning outlined above.


In Urbit news, I am doing assignments in Hoon 101. The first is apparently to see if we have everything set up okay, which I think I do, but cannot figure out how to write this function (“gate” in Urbit).

This is my attempt at creating a hoon script which writes a number in a different format. If I run this with input 0, I expect the output to be ~zod, which is galaxy number 0

|=  a=*

But when I run it via +aura 0 it fails as below:

> |commit %sandbox
: /~bus/sandbox/25/gen/aura/hoon
> +aura "fffhbhbhbhbbgffxfcgv"
/~zod/home/~2019.11.8..13.39.06..44bf/sys/vane/ford:<[4.828 18].[4.828 59]>
/~bus/sandbox/0/gen/aura/hoon::[1 1].[2 7]>
/~bus/sandbox/0/gen/aura/hoon::[2 1].[2 7]>
/~bus/sandbox/0/gen/aura/hoon::[2 6].[2 7]>
ford: %slim failed:
ford: %ride failed to compute type:
ford: %plan failed:
ford: %core on /~bus/sandbox/0/gen/aura/hoon failed:


Instead of jumping over a glass wall, I asked SCC staff to send someone to retrieve my hat which fell on the other side of the wall as I draped my jacket on the glass wall. Gosh that took a lot of will wont power to not jump over the wall and get it myself! XD

Lessons were fine. First Yasu practiced clockwork dolls, weather radar, BEMS, and Smart Eye Sensor. Then Azusa asked me to doublecheck her spript (sic) for the history zone (firsts of their kinds).


I am really grateful to get to work with Soness for presentation support this coming week! She and I have been working together for years, and I am always amazed with how she helps me find just what I want to say, even if I don’t always know it!


Next is GG lesson here in Akihabara. It’s my third-to-last lesson with them. :-(

urbit (23:57pm)

Yay I solve the first week’s assignment.

|=  a=*

I am not sure why I did not get it sooner.