13 Nov 2019, 06:38

2019 nov 13 today: Hoon 101, early work, expanding barefoot course, late work, zzzz

Sometimes I end up with several itty bitty entries with more meta data and title than content. This entry is designed to be used all day. As of this writing, the title does not include the date, so I will add that. brb. Hmm that reads weirdly, but not too bad.

Hoon 101

This morning I said hello on Hoon 101 chat board on an Urbit planet, and just now got sidetracked reading the messages about people excited to join and just how to join the notebook. Urbit is not yet meant for the masses, and it’s hella fun to be with other explorers in the optimism of creativity as opposed to the whatever of FB.

early lesson

I am on the train from 登戸 to 川崎 stations. I sit on a train that departs from Noborito, which offers me an extra 30 minutes to sleep, or in this case play on Urbit and write journal entries

barefoot course

I wrote a draft last night of my barefoot course. I am planning to work on it for 2 hours this week.

chat with Mo

3pm Mohammed asked if I had done astral projection. He found a video online explaining one way to do it, but it invokes helper spirits, which violates the rules of his religion. I suggested it was only white magic because it did not violate anyone else’s free will.

late work

5:40pm I have just finished two lessons for kids. First with Ryunoske, Ryosuke, Ranka, Ayana, and Haruna. Then with Toshiro and Kanta. In the first class we practiced counting dates of the month to practice ordinals, which are useful in saying what grade they are in, and the order in which the classes were held. In the second class, we practiced making variants of “when (person) wants to (verb), s/he goes to (location).”

later work

Hide came at 6pm and tbh I was distracted with an email I had gotten from AB. He stayed for 7pm lesson, and we actually had a full house. Hide, Akiko, Yutaro, Shoichi. We each told our latest stories. Akiko mentioned some kinda posture-fixing footwear which Yutaro explained how it works in Japanese.


0:29am next morning but still awake, dealing with client stuff and then playing with Urbit.