07 Nov 2019, 00:35

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

I sent this to the LINE support portion of my men’s group today.

7 nov 2019 - five million yen by 31 december 2020


Yesterday I started listening to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon
Hill (*) (after Mark recommended the book to me).

By the 31st day of December 2020, I will have 5 million yen in the
bank.  It will come to me in varying amounts as I offer the
services of facilitation and enjoying life through creative play.

I have held 5 million yen cash before in my life on many occasions
(as a cash runner for horse betting in Yokohama); I know what it
feels like in my hands.

My task by the end of tomorrow is to write this out by hand and
begin implanting it in my subconscious with passionate repetition,
as I begin moving forward to the best of my ability on my tasks.

(*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw1yeI6qogY (10 hour version,
including lots of editor comments.  There are many shorter
versions available)

- Rob