06 Nov 2019, 08:03

paid to chill

Granted I could have slept in, but another way to look at this is I am getting paid to write a journal entry as zero students have shown up for this lesson. Not surprising, given the recent track record.

Do my lessons not fit their needs? I guess so, but dang if I know what to do. I have tried free conversation, the book, students bring something, games, students manage the lesson, I bring articles, and probably more, but zero students so far today, now 16 minutes into the lesson.

This is the first lesson that I will release when I replace its income. Does that mean I should release it now? By release I mean quit.

I feel a sense of obligation to keep doing this lesson because it’s early and annoying and “no one else wants to do it,” because one guy started doing the lessons and then quit.

8:10am: Aika and Sayuri have arrived.