31 Oct 2019, 13:16

State of My Life Address

(started 13:16 Thursday 31 October 2019 JST)

  1. Today is October 31st. I do not plan to do anything Halloweenie for Halloween
  2. I just scheduled my 3rd Eye Gazing workshop, to be held November 30th at In Gallery Mikako’s art gallery space near Jiyugaoka.
  3. I have not yet put a version up on Meetup, but I plan to do so under my Tokyo Sōl meetup group.
  4. I created Tokyo Sōl with the idea for multiple meanings of the second word. Starting with Sole, for being barefoot. Next will be Soul for heart to heart connections. Then will be Sol for getting out into the sun a bit. I also want to include circle games cought Silent Football cough but have not thought of a word meaning that kind of game, and pronounced “sol” Hmm. The three letters are contained in Silent fOotbalL. That’s a good step.
  5. Today one of my friends from Houston attended my online men’s group. He said he enjoyed the format; hopefully he got some value from attending.
  6. In the men’s circle, I ended up with affirmations “I do what I want” and “I accept myself”. These came after I started feeling into my fear of doing workshops and stuff. Right after the group I posted my 3rd eye gazing workshop.
  7. Right now I am headed to Toshiba to teach at their science museum. It’s basically my favorite set of lessons, but in the lowest price range. I gotta get that up to my standard rate.
  8. My standard rate is 8000 yen per hour now.
  9. I just got ~rabsef-linmyn connected again on Urbit. At first I had problems because I forgot that all the files in the tarball have to be together in order for it to work. Emailing support at urbit.org got it sorted out.
  10. I own the Urbit star ~wanbus and the DNS domain wanb.us, but I have not really done anything with either.
  11. Lin and I got back on the 20th from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We were there for 4.5 days, on the Hilo side of big island, living in Robert and Konrad’s guest house near Pahoa.
  12. Oh snap I need to create an invoice for a new client. I gotta get a better system for this than just trying to remember who/what/いくら
  13. I am not quite ready to say I have been lighting candles as part of a process to invoke astral energies in a positive, protective type way. I have had a candle burning for 48 hours now; it looks like it will go for 3 days total.
  14. Last night was the fifth Wednesday of the month so there were no lessons at JB. Certainly makes the long Wednesday easier if it’s not so long!
  15. Lin has been working long hours and might be making herself sick. It is hard for me to witness, feeling helpless to “make her stop”.
  16. It’s my intention that I make enough money with workshops and facilitation that she can feel comfortable doing only the work she wants to do.
  17. I am thinking about doing ShadowWork practice on some Monday nights, and possibly opening up a monthly event to practice ShadowWork, probably on Friday nights.
  18. I just recently got logged in to ふれあいネット, which will allow me to reserve rooms near my station to do study sessions.
  19. Jiaii Rin has been out of town for over a month. Her group did not do an end-of-October workshop. This is good modeling for me; I can say NO to things and the world still goes around.
  20. 2pm Halloween 2019: Train is arriving in Kawasaki now. Lessons from 14:30 to 16:30, then head to Akihabara for lesson with GG from 18:30 to 19:30.
  21. I forgot to schedule a language exchange with Akiko. I wonder when she will be available next.
  22. 17:40 Halloween 2019: Lessons at Toshiba were fine. Azusa was apparently too busy to study. As a student, I can understand. As a teacher, I am like “do you know how much studying will help?” Naoko apparently knows how much studying helps; she has progressed fantastically. Liliko was not present today.
  23. I am in Family Mart in 秋葉原, near GG lesson. I had planned to eat my bento lunch, but apparently I left it at home. Dang, because I was looking forward to it. But I do not really need food right now, so yay?
  24. There are tons of tourists in Tokyo this year.
  25. Lesson with GG was attended only by Mayumi and I. She was going to leave 15 minutes early so she could eat dinner before 12 hour cut-off before medical check, but ended up staying the whole lesson as I assured her it’s possible to not eat dinner for a night.
  26. After the lesson, I met Akiko for language exchange. She helped me navigate a website that allows for renting various rooms or fields, all for quite low rates. 2 hours for a softball field was just 2000 yen!
  27. After testing the system, I have currently reserved three rooms, two of which are for the same timeslot. I will cancel one, two, or three of these reservations. They must be cancelled at least 3 days before the event, so I still have over two weeks for all of them.
  28. I plan to go check the rooms tomorrow, make a decision about their usability, cancel the ones I don’t want.
  29. Oh, on the way to meeting Akiko in 神田駅, I met a man nicknamed Man who helped me get to the station. Turns out he is from Chiang Mai, and I thanked him for such a beautiful culture.
  30. 22:37 Halloween 2019: I am on the train now, waiting to leave Shinjuku, headed back toward home.
14:53 Friday 01 November 2019 JST

I will leave the above though it got a bit detailed for an SOML

  1. Lin and I live in 神奈川県川崎市麻生区 in the house we bought a few years ago.
  2. We have no kids, but Jennie is our cat
  3. We just had our first official honeymoon, in Hawaii
  4. TJ Bike is still my bicycle, since before I broke my shoulder in Hakone
  5. surgery.robnugen.com no longer points to the page regarding that accident
  6. I updated my site to take over robnugen.com instead of new.robnugen.com and now those images are all stranded on the Dreamhost server
  7. I should probably just hire someone to bring all those over to my existing site
  8. I am thinking about putting ~wanbus on a vultr server