20 Oct 2019, 13:29

Arrived in Narita

Our plane has landed back in Narita.

The flight itself was fine, though the screen on the seat in front of her stopped being entertaining, even though it is supposed to be in-flight entertainment. The cabin attendants tried to reset it but were not able to fix it so they gave her a voucher and a bottle of wine.

In an attempt to get myself back on Tokyo time, I tried to stay up during the flight. I watched John Wick 3, part of an episode of Fresh Prince of Bellaire, an episode of Simpsons, Dark Angel (X-Men), and John Wick.

I’m a bit bummed my phone is dead; hopefully its insurance will cover it.


We’re on a bus. We’re on a bus. Everyone look at us, we’re on a mfn bus.

(thanks Lonely Island)