16 Oct 2019, 20:54

Uncle Roberts

We went to Uncle Robert’s tonight and I can see why it’s the happenin’ place to be each week. Before we browsed the food and various souvenirs and services, we went to the ocean side where I stacked a few rocks in my version of the Hawaiian style.

We quickly saw Shawn (sp) and Ashley (sp) from Nicoco but somehow forgot to buy any gelato from them!

I spent some time listening to Andrew M Crusoe talk about some of his books, but didn’t buy any (at first).

Saw a man with a typewriter offering to write poetry on any topic in exchange for any offering. I gave him 1000 yen for the following poem which he wrote after I gave him the topic “Thunder Rabbit”:

Thunder Rabbit

The thump of your leg causes cataclysmic quakes, making the earth
shake with the vibrance of your being.  The predators of the
forest think you easy prey, but if they hunt you they won't live
to see another day for the thunder rabbit doesn't play.

You will shake in the wake make no mistake, and definitely don't
take my cuteness for granted.

by Brise Lively


I later went back to Andrew and paid him $20 cash plus a promise of $10 via PayPal. I have not been able to pay him because my PayPal account wants me to verify my phone which passed away today due to having gotten wet.

I owe Andrew $10 via PayPal.

10:00 Wednesday 23 October 2019 JST

Dear Nugen ​Rob,

You’ve sent $10.00 USD to Andrew Crusoe.

Your note to Andrew Crusoe:

yahoo finally! thank you for your patience

Transaction Details

Transaction ID: -snip- October 23, 2019