16 Oct 2019, 04:21

Dream about to run up on stage
04:21 Wednesday 16 October 2019 HST

This time there were two guys and about 5 girls all doing the same program, related to church. It was some type of personal development program that we were all taking together. There was one big room for all of us, but I did not feel comfortable sleeping in the same room as the women so I chose another room where I could hang out freely.

It was time to go, so we all piled into a van with drivers who did not have maps and we went looping around the city for ages until someone put enough clues together and realized the offramp was actually over *here* and then we could get over *there* or something.

We all piled out of the van all happy to have arrived and I was trying to prepare for some kind of big speech but did not have all of my notes, though I did not know that at the time.

A few of us were queued up outside a big stage, finalizing our notes to give to the coaches. Suddenly it was my turn, and all the attention was on me backstage as they were expecting me to write on small pieces of paper the fears that had been coming up for me.

I had done mine the previous day for my previous speech, but this time I did not have them aleady written, and had to rewrite the. My coach said she was disappointed, so I wrote that down not as a fewar but as a gripe, and another gripe: my pen wasn't working and I cared that into the paper PEN Y U NO WORK kinda thing.

I borrowed a pencil and got my fears written. "I cant do this" etc, and handed them to my coach. Then I was ready, jumping up and down ready to rumble and run up on stage like boom how is every body tonight!!

But I had to pee! I could hear them beginning to announce my name, but I was all, "do I have enough time to pee first?" and they said sure, and there was a door immediately available behind the stage. down a few steps, open the door, turn left, another door with a full bathroom, though it was dark, and I started to

and I woke up and went to pee for real