15 Oct 2019, 16:33

went to warm pond at the newest beach in the world

(written 06:33 Wednesday 16 October 2019 HST)

Yesterday, while Lynn was sleeping, I took this picture of the cat outside our balcony. Later, Lynn asked if it was a wild cat. I said all cats think they are wild.

2019 oct 15 ima wild cat rar

Afterward, Robert took us to the newest beach in the world. Apparently this area used to be ocean, but after the eruption, tons of small lava rocks were washed up into this cove which used to be ocean. Somehow home two small pools were not filled in and they remain as pools.

2019 oct 15 barefoot with francois on ouchy rocks 2019 oct 15 francois has entered the pool 2019 oct 15 francois floating in clear water 2019 oct 15 rob peace francois snorkle 2019 oct 15 francois face down

Yay for my underwater phone camera!

2019 oct 15 francois under algae water 2019 oct 15 francois under water 2019 oct 15 lin with francois

Robert recognized one of his friends in the same pond and their kids were bit smitten with François.

2019 oct 15 how do i get my rabbit back

I got François back and pose for a shop on this tree.

2019 oct 15 rob francois on tree

2019 oct 15 francois now not disenfected

This picture shows a boat ramp going into this relatively tiny pond. Now why would that be??

2019 oct 15 boat ramp to nowhere

I am standing on what used to be ocean!

2019 oct 15 this was ocean

Afterwards, we went shopping and I liked this funny sign that spoke of disaster before.

2019 oct 15 nice way of saying it