06 Oct 2019, 23:04

Hilariously fun night with DeeDee, Lisa, Nico, Francois, and Rob

Tonight DeeDee drove us downtown to a restaurant that Nico’s friend recommended. Cool synchronicity in that Lisa’s niece works there.

Lots of laughter and the waiter gave a little glass of water to Francois. Later in the evening I tried to give the water to Francois but it spilled on the table.

We played Good Frog, Bad Frog, Ceiling Wall Floor, and the Opposite Game.

I introduced the name Silent Football, but we did not play nor even start the instructions.

I lost my phone promptly after arriving back home (over 2 hours ago), and just as I wrote this, I suddenly realized where it must have been.

When we got out of the car, Lisa went to her car to head home and I dropped all my junk to go hug her. I didn’t see / pick up my phone when I went back to get my stuff and go inside.

I just went outside to that area and found it. bingo.