04 Oct 2019, 09:01

On time for flight to IAH

Yay Colleen for adulting me safely to the airport! As we gave huge hugs at the drop off area, we joked about adulting and I asked her to let me know if she figures it out!

Great to see a snippet of her life in Seattle.

I wrote bye to Colleen as I was on the jetway, but it did not go through because apparently no wifi there.

Flight departure prep now.

09:31 Friday 04 October 2019 PDT

The in-flight TV system had to be rebooted or something, and it was neat to watch as each seat’s TV got a separate DHCP connection to the server. I could see them slowly progressing from front to back of plane.

There are some sisters on my row (spread across the aisle) and their mom in seat diagnally in front of me. Sisters had some sort of hand signal communication which brought back memories.