04 Oct 2019, 16:26

hanging out with Ma

(written 22:26 Friday 04 October 2019 CDT)

Ma came to the baggage claim area to wait for me! We took the subway (subterrainian electric vehicle that ran on rails that looked relatively light) to the hotel and got some food there. I marveled at the size of the portions, but there was no in-flight meal so I finished what we ordered.

The veggie burger tasted somewhat like raw meat. Not sure if I would have enjoyed it if I thought it was real meat.

Ma and I did some real talk about when she and Dad divorced, so that was nice.

She told me about a play that Jon is in, where his character actually sits in the audience and interrupts the play near the end.

That sounds amazing, so I hope I can watch it sometime.

I am tired and writing this while sleepy; I am going to take a shower and go to bed. I do not have wifi access yet, so will have to take care of that in the morning.