02 Oct 2019, 18:21

souvenir plan

(written 15:21 Wednesday 02 October 2019 JST)

Heading out on October 3rd with a list of souvenirs to bring back

  • Very hot sauce for Babychan
  • Texas Boof jerky for Babychan
  • 🍒 Lifesavers for Ami
  • Hawaii snacks and Texas jerky for Daidoh
  • black,white,silver,gold,red travel stickers for Tomoko
  • Pineapple cookie for Aika Shukoh
  • Coffee for Ayano shukoh
  • Macadamia nuts for Toki shukoh
  • Pineapple cookies for Shukoh
  • Various sweets Skittles for Khiet
  • Baking powder Colgate for Eriko and Khiet
  • English games book for Kazu
  • Eucerin for Kazu
  • Small and medium funny shirts for Khiet
  • Rocket for Yuji