21 Sep 2019, 22:49

Great day at Yumiuriland

(written 22:49 Sunday 22 September 2019 JST)

Had a great day yesterday at Yomiuriland with Bu and Yen. We pretty much rode everything, and I tried quite hard to ride without shoes on anything, but was pretty much requested to put on shoes every time. I think I made it onto one ride (a kiddy ride) without shoes. Oh and maybe the ferris wheel?

I did a little skit of Francois driving a gocart.

We also did the car making thing.

im ridin in your car

We did the spinning-till-ya-throwup teacups, spinning as fast as we could. That was great; I had not done that in a while! Bu and I did the bungee, but Yen was like “yeah nah. I’ll take video of you guys!”

I recognized Kakashi, the juggler who I met at Grinpa, and got a picture with him!

kakashi francois and barefoot rob kakashi

He did a crazy balancing thing I should have taken a photo of that.

We colored the tops of UFO ramen, which is great for taking back home, but we cannot eat the ramen in the shop.

francois advertising ufo francois on wrong side of glass francois in ufo bag

Bu and Yen bounced at 5pm and I stayed and went back to ride Crazy Hyuuuu and Crazy Stoonn, and chatted with some peeps effectively enough that they asked to get a picture with me.

Then saw Sami and Wilson who we had seen before but didn’t talk to. I invited them to do the water raft slide thing; they enjoyed it enough we rode twice! Got a pic with them and exchanged info so we can keep in touch!

sami rob wilson sami peace rob wilson like