18 Sep 2019, 21:32

Working today

(written 21:32 Wednesday 18 September 2019 JST)

Headed toward home on Nambu Line now after waking up at 4:30 (after one sleep cycle) and doing my morning routine (write dreams, write gratitude, meditate, brush teeth, etc) then headed to work in Kawasaki for JB in Solid Square. Sayuri came about 15 minutes late and was the only student in attendance.

Headed to JR Kawasaki afterward to meet やなさん but he ended up having to cancel for some reason. I was a bit grouchy like why couldn’t he tell me ahead of time, but bah.

Got some food at a bakery and then headed to DiCE internet cafe and slept for a couple of hours then ended up browsing Instagram and clicking the little hearts because I heard that’s what we gotta do these days to make connections online.

After seeing Menya’s post about too many calories, I was inspired to have only one (1) cup of soft serve ice cream at the cafe (normally I eat 3 or 4, easily).

Headed to JB school for kid lessons then adult lessons and wondered about my place in my universe. All the while, my blog entry is brewing in my head. I choose what I do (and no one else really cares). But I haven’t really started the entry because of the message in its title.

And also because my site is effed up now and I need to fix my theme to work with latest version of Hugo (or something).

It looks like I am going to have to spend a day tracking down how to make my site work again; I wrote to the main creator of Hugo, but no reply. When I posted on the forums last time, I ended up paying too much for shoddy work that crept up in price.