16 Sep 2019, 14:26

Great surprise party

(written 14:26 Tuesday 17 September 2019 JST)

Honored to be invited to the event! Admired that Rin has connected lots of people who could easily become friends.

Upon arrival, Rin cried as Hiro predicted. Everyone had a great time. I friended Chris just because he commented on the FB group.

Talked to him about PB 49 and 52, assuring him I could talk about it all night (even though 13 years at wow)

Heard about Chris moving from China at age 10 to live in Cincinnati.

Last hug to Diana for now as she’s about to head back to her country. Got two cards from Sophia to hopefully introduce housing for her company to find homestay families for youth.

Handed out my MKP Japan card like candy even though we are in a digital world. Two women were like “what about womankind project?” so I referred them to womanwithin.org.