14 Sep 2019, 09:26

Great lesson with Yuna

(written 09:26 Saturday 14 September 2019 JST)

Today I was five minutes late to (teach) my lesson with Yuna; I excitedly told her about going to see 叶結(Kanauknot) today in 豊島園after having seen them in ぐりんぱ.

I was so excited that I explained “hh hh hh hh hh”, from The Castle of Dreams

I was so excited that for 30 minutes, this overshadowed my news about having done my first stand up comedy last night after being invited by Soness.

After talking about how Soness has been a great friend for years, working as a performer (for English Carnival), speaker coach (for various TED and TED-style events), and now beginning to explore stand up comedy as a hobby, Yuna began to think about what it might be like to have a hobby that could become a job.

I saw this in her expression and was like, “I think you are thinking about how you can make your hobby into a career” and quickly rattled off three ways I thought reading books could become a career.

  • publisher
  • editor
  • audio book voice

I was surprised to hear Yuna had heard that one “cannot enjoy their job” or something. I thought Oh man that sounds like terrible advice!!! and said “well, I believe otherwise..”

In the end, I used the question Rin gave me and invited Yuna to think about what workshop she would love to present for people. I offered that it would likely fit well with Giselle’s English&Coffee + More!! meetup group.

Next lesson next week, much more space for Yuna to speak!

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