12 Sep 2019, 17:05

Two lessons at SCC

Had an hour lesson with Liliko, during which we double checked the English for an AI game they are developing. For some reason they keep asking for confirmation of stuff on paper but it has gotten to the point that we would prefer to see the real thing in action in order to really make sure it’s all correct.

Also had a lesson with Azusa, during which we clarified some of her translation into English, changing the word “become” into “because” and stuff like replacing “addition and multiplication are done by turning the handle outside” with “to add and multiply numbers, we turn the handle clockwise,” partially because she could not consistently say “multiplication.”

It reminds me of the time I was out of time to do my speech in Japanese, and just read it off the page instead of knowing what I was saying.

Today might be the last day I can shop at the nearby shop; their last day is Monday the 23rd. I may come back on that day to see if prices are slashed or what.