11 Sep 2019, 11:41

EOS tea with Se-chan

(written 18:41 Wednesday 11 September 2019 JST)

Well, she did the impossible. Se-chan convinced me that I should sign up for her MLM selling tea because she had found a superwoman with a huge network and she would put her into my downline if I sign up today.

Going over the numbers, I will be paying 9500 yen per month for basically bottomless tea, and a likely a bunch of chances to practice Japanese. Hmm. Okay I’ll do it.

Went to 平塚 station, just one station past 茅ヶ崎 (where I used to live with Soness) and signed the dotted line with the help of Se-chan’s mom, Tae, who got me sorted out in about 30 minutes.

I have a sense of how this stuff works; I spent a couple years in Amway before I was like “eff this; I ain’t doing all the stuff they do,” referring to the rallies and stuff to amp people up to think they can jet around on jets and jet skis if they sell enough merch. I mean it’s possible, but it’s a hella lot of work.

My ruff plan is to focus on depth, not width. Talk to people slowly and honestly and casually about it until I find someone who is willing to sign up. Then get their names list and contact alllll of them.

This is the method I heard went well for whathisname, my upline Diamond… maybe their names were Don and Nancy?

Anyway, one more thing to add to the list of potential income streams.