11 Sep 2019, 18:39

class no-show at JB School

No students in my 6pm class here. And my most-common student in next lesson has called in that he will not attend. I’m gonna use this time to write a bit.

I had been planning to talk to them about WTC 7 and stuff on the anniversary of Airplane Day.


No students in my 7pm class…


One student in 8pm class.

We started the lesson talking about the typhoon and her plans to practice piano next Sunday for a rehearsal on September 22nd.

Ended up talking about my websites, and I realize why I am so distracted!

  • robnugen.com
  • b.robnugen.com
  • thunderrabbit.com
  • marbletrack3.com
  • amazeaweek.net
  • mkpjapan.org
  • wanb.us (no website yet / ever?)


  • chairapy.biz / chairapy.com
  • ctbriefs.net
  • mrlaboratories.com